About suretylink

Assistant Area Governor of Area 13 and President of Red Hot Toastmasters. Senior Claims Counsel in CNA's Surety Division.

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters And Honored Guests

For those of you wondering about whether suretylink is an alias or my parents had an obtuse sense of humor, let me end the suspense and simply answer: YES! I am Larry Jortner, an Assistant Area Governor and Club President of Red Hot Toastmasters. Those who know me may make your own surmises about my parents.

Toastmasters International is so much more than public speaking. It’s a laboratory for people of any and all kinds to work separately and together to become the professional, the leader, the thinker and the social contributor that they want and feel called to be in this wonderful and unique gift of mortal life.

The clubs of our area are all unique. Here at Red Hot Toastmasters, we are an open club housed in a corporate setting in the CNA building located at 333 South Wabash (between Van Buren & Jackson) and we have members just starting and advanced. We also have a lot of interesting people doing and working towards fascinating things.

It is my hope in coming posts to tell you about them, my personal take and testimony of the Toastmasters experience and hopefully convince anyone and everyone that Toastmasters activity helps one economize their time and improve the qualities of work and life activities; therefore, no one has the time not to stay involved.

Always feel free to post comments. I would love to hear from you.